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Development » Project uniqueness

The uniqueness of the proposed project is in possibility to monitor dynamic activities of the Earth via evaluating the expressions of underground hydrosphere.

Their environmental geological evaluation then allows trace monitoring sites (aquarifts) for optimal indication of the Earth crust tectonic activity with tsunami risk.

Stated objective of the project therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach. The project will be implemented by experienced expert team with long term experience.

In the first phase of the project the evaluation of the world completely unique 40-year series of measurements bestir groundwater level on the Czech network of monitoring wells will be completed.

Subsequently the AMRS series of measurements with measurements in a seismic station in the Czech Republic and stations in country of foreign partner will be compared.

The record of groundwater oscillation level after installing the measuring techniques in monitoring wells will take place in the second intervals from the beginning to the end of the project.