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  • Monitoring of dangerous earthquakes – practical use of the method GAPAV and SLAZ based on etalon points with a long term monitoring and detecting destructive tectonic earthquakes from underground water. Our unique methodology has been elaborated to perfection during 20 years. It comprises measurements and assessment of hydrostatic pressure changes with the possibility to set apart and compare hydrostatic pressure changes given in hPa for each hydrological (water) year in the following sections:
    • Earthquakes
    • Climate impact
    • Human factors
  • Monitoring of earthquakes based on the etalon point which has been monitored since 1972 and assessed using the method SLAZ.
  • It is going about unconventional application of our field 44 years experiencies in science hydrogeology and environmental geology and 42 years outgoing series of measurements pressure field underground hydrosphere for solving risks connected with changes of quality and quantity of underground water.
  • Our environmentally assesed 42 years row of measurements hydrostatic fluctuation of body underground water in deep kontinental rift of middle Europe registers all world earthquakes determined seismically by level from 6 to 8 Richter scale.
  • The existence of monitoring point in Middle Europe, which is monitored for 42 years is giving us oportunity of immediate corelation with searched new point of monitoring and by that determination of show seismic activities of Earth with using for warning system